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Giving Small Businesses The Big Business Treatment

My name is Gino M, I'm the owner and lead developer of Alder Creek Digital. Business and technology are two of my great passions which naturally led me to pursue a living by which I can solve business problems using technology. Being a father of three, it was also important that I be able to be home for the family and see my kids grow up. So over the course of two years, I taught myself to code websites the right way, by hand and started calling business to offer my help.

What I found was that a lot of small businesses don't have the funds to spend thousands of dollars upfront on a new website. And the ones that did, got taken advantage of and have a terrible website that looks like it was built by someone in a dungeon and haven't seen design trends for the last 10 years. They were in a frustrating spot - they either can't afford a good website, and if they can they don't know who to trust to make something great. So I tweaked my business model to fit their needs. That's how I came up with my $0 down and $150 a month model. It's more managable for a small business to handle and won't hurt their bank accounts.